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Welcome to the official 'BEETLEJUICE MUSEUM' website. The museum has over 80 artifacts collected from four continents, spanning twenty years. The entire collection was put up as an art installation inside a private NYC apartment from October 15th until Dec 31st 2011. 

The press response was absolutely over-whelming! A few different production companies were vying to do a documentary. Two indie filmmakers that I trust, have followed me everywhere, dressed as Beetlejuice, for the last 6 months. They feel it will play well on the festival circuit. 90% of the movie is filmed, we have 2 shots left and the editing. We are looking for sponsors now. Whoever is the lucky first one will be mentioned in every interview about the movie and will always be remembered as our first sponsor. Thank you.


I use to work at a bar in New York City that no longer exists, Siberia. There were some wild parties at that place. The owner, Tracy, saw me in my homemade Beetlejuice costume one time and would ask me to wear it randomly throughout the year to different events. 
Below is a picture of me in my first Beetlejuice costume leading the Halloween Parade, through Greenwich Village in 1997, courtesy of The New York Post. I wasn't like the Grand Marshall or anything, I just took the lead on my pedi-cab when we crossed 14th street. 
The New York Post, half page photo, Nov. 1st, 1997 (page 11) 

I would always show up at these soirees with my 'Talking Beetlejuice' and my 'Showtime Beetlejuice'. I met a few media types during these festivities and they would ask me about my costume and props. I told them about my personal 'BEETLEJUICE MUSEUM' which was in storage at the time. A few of them told me "When you put it all on display again, let me know." 
And, well here we are. The installation was unveiled for the first time this millennium, last fall. I invited my friends, family, co-workers, come see it. I invited journalist I knew, most had moved on; other publications, out of state, etc... One did visit. I was so surprised when 'The New Yorker' did an entire 'Talk Of The Town' article.
The New Yorker Cartoon that accompanied the 'Talk Of The Town' article.
A few days after that I went to Comic-Con for the first time ever. I went because it is only one block away from my apartment. There were thousands of people all dressed up in costumes walking by my building and I wanted to jump on in the parade. I walked into the Javits Center and a photographer from The Village Voice pulls me aside for a story, '25 Best Costumes at Comic-Con.'
Village Voice Photo Shoot, Good Times.
A few days after that, the BBC visited the museum for a radio interview. All the while request were pouring into The New Yorker for my private email address to schedule a viewing of 'The Beetlejuice Museum'. I agreed and opened it up to the public.  

The West Side Spirit, a division of The New York Press, was next to do an article. I thought if this museum is getting international press, I better contact my local paper too just to show respect.
From The West Side Spirit
Not to be outdone, Our Town, another division of The New York Press which circulates on the east side of Manhattan ran a story as well. This time I had my Lydia with me. Her mom (Joyce Manfra) made the wedding dress costume. Hand stitched in some places, sewing machined in others. It came out phenomenal. 
Beetlejuice and Lydia inside The Beetlejuice Museum. 
Now it starts to get crazy, The Daily News visited to get a gander. Once their story ran it seemed like everyone picked it up. That interview was two days long with one reporter, one photographer and one videographer. We did one photo shoot inside and one outside just walking the streets, in complete costume, broad daylight in February, just another day in New York. 
After that there were half-a-dozen radio morning shows requesting interviews. Wins 1010 News, you know "Give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world." ran with it, so every 22 minutes for 24 hours straight, they were talking about 'The Beetlejuice Museum'.
Holding my favorite "Exploding Beetlejuice' in my right hand. 
Barcroft Media, which provides exclusive content to publishers and broadcasters, throughout Europe, specializing in the amazing side of life, did an interview. Another video included in this article as well. 
Barcroft Photo Shoot, out of costume.
The Daily Mail in London picked up on that and ran their piece:

In addition to that, there were a few more media request that came in after the museum had closed. There is countless blog entries all covering 'The Beetlejuice Museum' I hope to link each and everyone someday. 


One night filming, walking through Times Square, totally impromptu

THE BIRTH OF THE IDEA- There never was a plan to do a documentary. I just wanted to share my personal collection with everyone, hoping it brought them as much enjoyment as it does me.  

The first reporter, from The New Yorker magazine, asked me during the interview if I was going to make a documentary and I said no. He stopped writing, put his pen down and looked at me. I could just tell from his body language that he was expecting me to say something else. I mean this is New York, people make documentaries over every subject possible. 

He said "No?!" And I was like "Uh, dude, uh I don't even know where my phone is, I mean I know it's around here somewhere, in one of these drawers. I would first have to find that, then start calling people, then they in turn would have to start calling people and it just sounds like so much work, so uh, no." He kept writing. 

Five days later, during a photo-shoot with The Village Voice, I was asked the same question. I was like "Huh?, no, someone else asked me that question recently." Five days after that The BBC Radio was at The Beetlejuice Museum for a visit. They asked the same question, if I was going to make a documentary.

Now here I was asked the same question three times in a ten days span. I said "I could, I mean this is NY, we all know at least 5 filmmakers each, there are a few right here in my building. If I do round a few up and make a movie are you going to write about it?" I continued "There are a lot of great filmmakers whose work winds up sitting on a shelf because it gets no press, thank goodness they can at least upload it to Youtube." 

I said "I don't want to waste their time, if they commit to this project you got to write about them when it's done." I told him, I get enough press, write about the Director Jon Ermler or the Producer Steven Lanza."  We shared a laugh. And that, boys and girls, is where the idea for The Beetlejuice Museum Documentary came from. In a strange twist, or a New York minute, however you want to look at it I get the creator credit. Now I am a film maker. I love this city. This is the reason that during the first three interviews there was no mention of a documentary movie. 

I started off by calling my friend Rich, he is my consultant on the film. He told me "Pick a film crew and they should know what to do from there." I first picked my director, Jon Ermler, with whom I have worked with before on a few projects. I next picked my producer, Steven Lanza, also with whom I have worked with in the past. The request to visit the museum started to come in. There never was a plan to dress up in costume while doing the tour. The plan was just to invite people in to view the exhibit, very relaxed setting. The strobe lights were added later.  

I received an email from The Hill Family soon to be visiting from Maryland. I asked them if we could film their visit and I would be in full costume. They were game. It went great. Soon after I got a request from a Professor at Columbia to bring a class here. That was crazy, we filmed their visit. We have had regular people and zany personalities alike here, we filmed it all. One comic, Pat Adler, visited before she had to go to Sloan-Kettering to perform for the patients. She suggested I go and  perform at a future show. I went, completely dressed in full costume, on the day that the comedy show fell on the Oscars, that Sunday so there was a tie in. I did more of a show and tell than jokes. I brought some of the museum with me. We had T-Shirts printed up for this. The kids and the patients loved me. I was invited back. 

There were a few nights at the local bar doing trivia dressed in costume before the bands would play. There were nights in Times Square dancing with the tourists. We went and visited a toy collectors loft, he has over 10,000 toys, filmed all that. I rode in a hearse during The Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn. The hearse came to a stop and I got out. It was great! There has been so many filmings/ appearances, etc... I honestly can not even remember them all. I know I have a great film crew and very confident that they will do a great job with this project with a complete story line, beginning, middle and end. Please keep an eye out for the trailer. Thanks, Bruce 


A request to schedule a viewing of The Beetlejuice Museum came in on November 17th. It was for an entire class from Columbia University and their professor and assistant. This person claimed to be said assistant. At first I thought I was being pranked. I reread the email, check the address, it was a bona-fide email address. There would be 18 Sculpture 3 Students, when they graduate they will be making toys and other movie merchandising. (I think I described it correctly) The professor was Rirkit Tiravanija.
Is this the coolest Professor in the world or what? 

I asked them if we could film please and I would be in full costume. They were up for it. We scheduled it for the 22nd of November. 
The arrival "AAAH! What are we walking into?" 
I was very excited yet a little nervous at the same time, how was I going to get all of them and the film crew inside my apartment as quietly as possible. We didn't have a film permit, I didn't know if the landlord was going to be in the building that day. I didn't know how many were going to fit in the elevator. I wake up and take my bed and just cram it into a closet. I get the place set up and ready for them. We had a P.A that day, standing outside the elevator to greet them and got them all to sign releases before they entered
No one ever wants to be the first, but this brave lad stepped right on up. 
They start to arrive, I was at the door to greet each and every one of them, I shake hands with them all. They were great, very respectful of the museum. They were taking notes and asking questions. I let them know that every thing was interactive and invited them to play with the toys. That's when it started to get fun. They got their cameras out. The Play-Doh set was popular as was The Burger King Collection. It was a fun time. 
What a smile! That is what it is all about. She made her Beetlejuice with blue hair. 
The assistant, Laura Miller, brought me a very nice Columbia University Sweatshirt, that I proudly wore to Thanksgiving dinner. 
My new Columbia Sweatshirt they brought me, LOVE IT!!!
I took pictures with all of them. It was a very pleasant visit. They all signed the guest book and wrote some of the nicest comments:

MARCUS ZOTES "Top 10 must see attractions in New York" That is where that quote came from. He originated it. It circulated in a few press articles and he was never credited with it. 

JULIA NEWBERGER "Total Verruckt!!!" I saw that and thought "Uh-oh, what's that mean?" I ran to look it up, now here I am learning something, excellent. After learning the meaning all I can say it "Danke Shun". 

STEPHEN JACKSON "I love it, too!"

ROBIN CAMERON "Great Costume" 


Thank you so much to all of you and also the rest of the class Sebastian Black, Ben Hall, Lisa Cobbe, Jessica Tang, Sasha Lefman, Jordan Rathus (Mudboy), Ernie and the few others that didn't sign the guest book thanks for coming by. We will have to do a screening of the movie at your beautiful campus next fall.  


Updated List of Artifacts from    
The Beetlejuice Museum
starting with the most recent:

Sandworm T-Shirt. Thank You Kevin
Sandworm T-Shirt

Vinyl Figure, Funko Pop! Line. Thank You Sterling
Beetlejuice Vinyl Figure, FUNKO POP!

Beetlejuice Panini Sticker Book. Thank You Michael from North Carolina. 
Panini Sticker Book 
Custom made BEETLEJUICE Clock, by artist/ painter 
Rich Rickaby. 
Beetlejuice Clock set at 4:20
The KENNER Collection, includes 5 action figures: 
Showtime Beetlejuice 
Shipwreck Beetlejuice
Shish Kebab Beetlejuie
Spinhead Beetlejuice
Exploding Beetlejuice-My Favorite
Ortho The Obnoxious
Harry The Haunted Hunter
Adam Maitland
Old Buzzard
Hungry Hog
Phantom Flyer
Vanishing Vault
Creepy Cruiser
Talking Beetlejuice Doll
Gross out meter
Collectors’ case

The NECA Collection:
Smoking Guy
Beetlejuice Graveyard
Four Piece Box Set- Adam, Barbara, Beetlejuice Graveyard, Sandworm
Four Piece Box Set- Smoking Guy, Witch Doctor, Harry The Hunter, Beetlejuice

The BURGER KING Collection: Given out with kids meals in 1990
The French Canadian Skeleton Jacques Lelac (Cartoon)- Ghost To Ghost TV
Lydia-Head over Heels
Sandworm-The Charmer
Charles-The Uneasy Chair
Delia-Peek-A-Boo Doo
Beetlejuice-The Ghost Post

Beetlejuice Barbershop Play-Doh Set- Beetlejuice, Lydia and Monster from across the street.
Beetlejuice Wig & Make Up Kit- Party City
Beetlejuice Press Kit-L.A. Michael Keaton signed one of the stills for me in NY.
Beetlejuice Script-L.A.
Amsterdam-An actual 6-Pack of Beetlejuice! (Wine Coolers)
Beetlejuice Bobble head dolls-2, 1 from the movie (creepy) and 1 from the cartoon (animated.)
Beetlejuice Puzzle
Beetlejuice Beachtowel
Beetlejuice movie-2, 1 in VHS and 1 in DVD, 20th anniversary, includes 3 cartoons.
Beetlejuice Trading Cards-2 unopened packets. 10 loose cards, various stickers
Beetlejuice Lunchbox
Beetlejuice Coloring Book
Beetlejuice Comic Book
Beetlejuice Ceramic Figurine
Beetlejuice Keychain
Ginger the Tap Dancing Spider

Costumes- Beetlejuice- 2, Lydia- 2, one in her cape and one in her wedding dress.

Each action figure comes with it’s own accessories, Creepy Crawler, Rotten Rattler, Terrible Tarantula, Loathsome Lizard, Horrible Hydra, Scary Skewers, Creepy Cockroach, etc...

Then there are the mulitples...